25inch Stick Dulcimer - DAD

Grant Olson Dulcimer
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This stick dulcimer is a fully playable dulcimer without a body! (Great for travelling and experimenting). This stick dulcimer has a VSL of 25 inches and you can choose oak or walnut. (Subject to availability). It will be tuned in DAD unless you request something different.

These stick dulcimers are partly pre-made, and you can choose the rest:

-Tuner color

-Fret marker location

-Extra frets or chromatic (6+ and 13+ frets are already installed)

*Allow 1 week for completion*

In the picture above, the top three dulcimers are oak, and the bottom three are walnut. These are examples, and your dulcimer will not necessarily look exactly the same.

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25inch Stick Dulcimer - DAD

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